Skin Allergies

Pet Skin Allergies

Skin allergies, often referred to as allergic dermatitis, can impact pets in similar ways as they do humans. If you’ve ever had an itchy skin rash from poison ivy or an allergy to nickel, then you may be aware how the symptoms make you feel. If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms of a skin allergy, our team at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA, can provide your furry friend treatment for prompt relief. 

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What Causes Pet Allergies?

There are several factors that cause allergies in cats and dogs. One of the most common is fleas, and these cause flare-ups in skin that is already irritated. Many pets are allergic to their bites, which can worsen any irritation. Food allergies are another cause of pet skin allergies. When pets ingest food that they can’t tolerate, the symptoms can manifest on the outer parts of their body. Environmental allergens, such as pollen and glass, can collect on your cat or dog’s fur and cause symptoms.

What Are Signs of Allergies in Pets?

Allergies in pets can cause redness or bumps like they would in humans, but can sometimes be hard to detect under all of their fluffy fur. Usually, you’ll notice behavioral signs of skin allergies, such as your pet scratching themselves more than normal. Pets may also lick or rub their face and ears to try to relieve themselves of the itching. If you notice signs of an infection developing, such as swelling, increased redness or oozing on their skin, then you’ll need to make sure to see a pet dermatologist immediately. Even if your pet doesn’t develop an infection, taking it to see our veterinarians will help us determine the source of the allergy and provide the best possible treatment.

How Can a Pet Dermatologist Help?

Since pet allergies can come from many sources, our vets may decide to do allergy testing. This is especially likely if your pet has recurring or severe symptoms. For new or mild allergy cases, they may recommend a special shampoo, ointment, or oral medication to improve your cat or dog’s symptoms. If the rest results reveal that the symptoms are caused by food or by environmental allergens, then they’ll provide guidance on how to help your pet avoid these. Some pets also require a special diet to help control any allergies that may be food-related.

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