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Dermatology Issues

One of our services is treating pets with dermatology issues, which is a common medical condition for dogs and cats. Skin conditions cause stress and discomfort and range from mild to severe.

Dermatology problems are caused by many things, such as allergies created by flea bites, environmental allergens, such as pollen and plants, hormones, and bacterial skin infections. Even the ingredients in your pet's food can create an allergic reaction that causes skin problems.

Signs and Symptoms of Pet Dermatology

When pets experience dermatology problems, they will exhibit symptoms. Unfortunately, not all signs are easily detected, especially for pets with thick fur, which means both visual observation and hands-on examinations may be required.

If your pet shows any of the following signs of distress, it may be important to bring your pet to our animal clinic to have our vet do a thorough check-up to determine the problem and provide a plan of action for treatment. Here are some signs and symptoms:

●          Bald spots

●          Biting or chewing the skin

●          Body odor

●          Bumps and lumps

●          Continuous licking

●          Diarrhea

●          Dry skin

●          Excessive licking

●          Flaky patches of skin

●          Extensive scratching

●          Head shaking

●          Hives

●          Inflamed or irritated ears

●          Loss of hair

●          Open sores

●          Rashes

●          Redness

●          Runny nose

●          Skin lesions

●          Unpleasant odor emanating from the ears

●          Watery eyes

Consult with Our Veterinarian

When your pet is checked by our veterinarian, testing for allergies may be necessary. The results of the tests and the severity of the allergy will help the vet in determining a treatment plan.

A change in your pet's lifestyle may also be a necessary step. This may include the use of a specifically designed shampoo for bath time. It may also require applying a prescribed ointment to affected areas. Your pet may also need to take medication.

If it is determined your pet's dermatological issues are caused by additives to its food, our vet will discuss the necessary changes to your pet's diet. This may include providing information about the options available for specialized food and treats.

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