If your pet's skin becomes very itchy, you should probably schedule a dermatology appointment at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA. Any type of rash or skin irritation on your pet's coat can be a cause for concern. A pet dermatologist can determine whether your pet is suffering from a skin disease, a contact allergy or a food allergy, and then help to correct the problem.


Signs of Skin Irritation

Itching, scratching and biting at their skin is the most obvious sign that your pet is suffering from some type of skin irritation. They might also lick or bite their paws to relieve itching, and dogs may start to scoot on the ground to relieve itching. Other signs to watch for include bald or shedding patches or flaky skin, which can indicate a bacterial infection such as ringworm.

Contact Allergies in Pets

A contact allergy is caused by something the pet "contacts" in the environment, such as pollen, dust, ragweed or mold. Pets do not start sneezing like humans do when they suffer a contact allergy; instead, their skin becomes extremely itchy. When you bring your pet in for a dermatology appointment in Laguna Niguel, one of the possibilities the veterinarian will explore is a contact allergy.

Food Allergies in Pet

Food allergies are more complicated to diagnose in pets, but they are another reason why your pet could be experiencing a rash or itchy skin irritation. Solving a food allergy problem takes time and working with the veterinarian on a strict elimination diet, to remove the food item (or items) that are causing the dermatology problem. 

Other Pet Skin Condition

Ringworm, mange bites and other parasites or infections can cause skin irritation in pets. Diagnosing and treating the cause with topical skin medication can usually clear up these issues in a matter of days, and leave your dog or cat feeling much better. It is important to diagnose any skin irritation problem early on. If skin irritation continues for too long, it can lead to a secondary skin infection in your pet, which will require additional treatment. As soon as your pet begins experience a rash, itchy skin or paws, bald patches, or flaking skin, it is a good idea to call our animal hospital in Laguna Niguel and schedule an appointment.

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If your pet is scratching or biting at their coat suddenly, that's not a normal activity. It usually indicates something serious is going on. Our office can diagnose the problem and work with you on an effective treatment plan! Call us to schedule an appointment at (949) 249-7777.

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