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If you are Laguna Niguel, CA and your pet needs surgery, South Coast Veterinary Hospital is the best place for you and your pet. Here we always have a vet available for emergency surgeries, and dedicated staff to take care of your pet after surgery if they must spend the night.

Our veterinarian uses one of two techniques for surgery. The vet at our hospital prefers to use a minimally invasive surgery on your pet that would be arthroscopy where small incisions are made, and a camera is usually inserted to guide the vet during the surgery. When arthroscopy surgery is not possible then laparoscopy surgery is used where a large incision is made.


Types of Surgeries: 

Spay and Neuters – Female animals are spayed this involves removing her ovaries and uterus so she cannot reproduce. Male animals are neutered this is where his testicles are removed to prevent reproduction. The consensus is that having your pet spayed or neutered is the best choice to help keep the stray animal population to a minimum and to prevent illnesses such as cancer.

Mass Removals – Mass removals are done to remove any dangerous or unwanted abnormal tissue growths removed.  

Biopsies – Removal of a small piece of skin, or an internal organ so that the vet can have a small sample is then placed under a microscope for examination.

Soft Tissue Surgery - Obstructive Airway correction, Cystotomy (bladder stone removal), liver biopsy.

Orthopedic Surgeries – ACL repairs, femoral osteotomy, fracture repair, dislocated bones, knees, and hip surgeries.

Foreign Body Removal – If your pet swallows something that will not pass naturally it will need to be surgically removed.

Wound Repair – Some wounds are so deep surgical repair is needed. Also note, that if your pet is in an accident and missing a large part if their flesh it will be a more complicated surgery.

Cancer Tumors – The removal of cancerous tumors sometimes this is all your pet needs to be cured.  

Exploratory Surgery – This type of surgery is done when a pet is sick or in pain and the vet cannot find any logical reason for the animal’s distress. It can also be done after an accident if internal bleeding is suspected.

Abdominal Surgery – Is done if there is a blockage in your pet’s intestines, exploratory, and c-sections are common abdominal surgeries.

Hip Dysplasia – This is a common problem in certain dog breeds. Fusing a part of the pelvis to increase joint stability is often helpful. 

For the Best in Pet Surgery Care! 

If your pet needs surgery and you want the best veterinary care in the Laguna Niguel area, visit South Coast Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinarian is a skilled surgeon and our staff is completely dedicated to giving your pet the best care possible. Call 949-249-7777 and schedule your appointment today!

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