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If you live in the Laguna Niguel area of California and you're looking for an experienced veterinarian, Dr. Ramneek Gill is available to see your pet. He is a member of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and is now in charge of South Coast Veterinary Hospital, one of the premier pet care facilities in Southern California.

Dr. Gill had a keen interest in the vet field early on. Alongside our courteous and professional staff of veterinary technicians, Dr. Gill is committed to providing a clear difference for patients when it comes to general practice and the technologies of a full-fledged surgical facility.

An Overview of Our Animal Hospital

Our four-legged patients and their owners are like family, and we take each and every instance of feedback into account as we continue to serve the community.

"My pet's situation was difficult, and everyone at South Coast Veterinary Hospital treated my pet and me with sensitivity and clear communication," wrote one pet owner in a recent review.

When visiting a general practice and comparing it to a full-service facility and expert veterinary team like ours, there's a clear difference in the level of care and treatment. The experience, however, starts when patients come through our doors. We offer comfortable and spacious exam rooms, diagnostics, a full surgical and recovery area, and more.

More on Our Services

When was the last time your pet had a checkup? Stay on top of their health by scheduling an appointment with us. These comprehensive exams allow our vet to look for and detect health problems early before they become detrimental to the health of your pet and costly to treat.

In addition to wellness checks, we offer both core and non-core vaccinations and other preventative care to keep your pet healthy. Parasite control is also paramount to protecting your pet from life-threatening illnesses.

We have a veterinarian and staff on duty six days a week who are equipped to handle any urgent or critical care needed. If you feel that your pet needs emergency treatment, please do not hesitate to walk in immediately.

All surgeries that take place at our facility require an initial consultation with our veterinarian. We ask that you schedule a consultation to get an accurate estimate for all fees likely to be incurred before, during, and after surgery.

We're Your Veterinarian in Laguna Niguel

Here at South Coast Veterinary Hospital, our top priority is to provide complete care for our patients. We invite you to come in and learn more about the services we provide. Visit us today at 30001 Town Center Dr Suite 5 or call (949) 249-7777 . Our hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday.

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