Pet Rashes

Understanding Pet Rashes and How South Coast Veterinary Hospital Can Treat Them

Pets can develop rashes from several causes ranging from parasites to underlying medical conditions. These rashes can cause undesirable symptoms that significantly impact your pet’s quality of life if it does not receive proper care. Our veterinarian at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA, can determine the cause of your pet’s rashes and provide appropriate treatment to keep it healthy and happy. Continue reading to learn about pet rashes and how we can treat them.

Pet Rashes

Rash Symptoms to Look for

While the most obvious sign of a rash is noticing redness on your pet’s skin, detecting rashes early on can sometimes be challenging if your pet has thick or long fur. However, there are other signs of rashes that you can spot. Some of the most common symptoms that accompany rashes include:

•           Reddish skin

•           Bumps or spots on the skin

•           Inflamed wounds called hot spots due to excessive chewing or licking

•           Hair loss or patches of bare skin

•           Frequent itchiness

•           Areas of thickened skin from chronic skin issues

Causes of Pet Rashes

Two of the most frequent causes of pet rashes include flea allergies or parasites. Another typical cause of rashes is allergies to certain materials or substances. Bacteria and fungi can also cause rashes. In rarer cases, your pet’s rash could be from a type of shampoo or collar. Other causes of pet rashes include underlying medical conditions, matted fur, dry skin, and diet.

Pet Rash Diagnosis and Treatment

Our vet can examine your pet and perform diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s rashes. They can also do skin swabs or scrapes to check for bacteria, parasites, or other causes. Our vet may recommend adjusting your pet’s diet to test for food allergies. Note that diagnosing these skin conditions can take time in some cases.

Once our veterinarian determines the cause of your pet’s rashes, they can offer different approaches to ease and prevent skin problems. Depending on the cause, your options might include:

•           Medical treatment for an underlying health condition

•           Medications to ease symptoms

•           Medicated shampoos for parasites

•           Wound care

•           Antihistamines to help reduce allergic reactions

•           Treatment to clear up fungal or bacterial infections

•           Dietary changes

Treat Your Pet’s Rashes With Our Pet Dermatology Services Today

Rashes can cause several unpleasant symptoms in your pet and impact its day-to-day life if left untreated, so contact South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA, to treat your pet’s rashes today. Call us and schedule an appointment at our animal hospital at (949) 249-7777 to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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