Comprehensive Vet Care

Our furry friends require constant medical care and regular check-ups to prevent disease and maintain good health. At South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, we recommend your pet should undergo comprehensive veterinarian care at least once per year. If your pet is very young or quite old, it is recommended to see the vet twice or possibly more per year depending on their condition. Since our beloved pets cannot indicate when they feel unwell, vets depend on these visits to ensure that your pet enjoys optimum health.


Keeping the annual appointment at our animal hospital enables our experienced veterinarian to have a proper history of the state of your pet’s health and it makes it easier to diagnose and treat illnesses when they occur. Not all pet-related illnesses and conditions have visible symptoms. Comprehensive vet care can identify these problems and it serves as a preventive measure for the long-term health of your pet.

What Comprehensive Vet Care Entails

Just like in modern medicine, veterinarian care now focuses more on preventive rather than curative measures. This ensures that the pets are monitored on overall health and improving their general quality of life. Apart from matters related to health, comprehensive vet care also provides an opportunity for your furry friend to bond with the friendly staff at the animal hospital.

The primary aim of comprehensive care is to ensure that all of your pet’s vital organs and systems are in perfect working order. It also involves a head to tail physical examination. Here are some things to expect when your pet pays us a visit.

  • Weight check: This ensures that your pet maintains a normal weight and determines if nutritional adjustments are necessary.
  • Skin and eyes: The coat is a good indicator of the overall health of your pet. An eye exam consists of checking your pet’s sensitivity to light. For older animals, it may indicate cataract symptoms and looming blindness.
  • Parasite screening: This involves checking areas where mites and parasites may be hiding like behind the ear flaps or under the tail. It also provides an opportunity to check for tumors and abnormal growths.
  • Mouth, nose and teeth: This is to ensure good dental health, and check for abnormal smells or discharges from the mouth and nose.
  • Vital organs: To ensure that the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organs are functioning properly.
  • Body review: Joints, paws, legs, and any swollen areas are checked.

Your Laguna Niguel Veterinarian

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. If you live in or around the Laguna Niguel area, you should bring your furry friend in for a check-up. Our friendly staff provides a stress-free atmosphere to keep your pet at ease while we perform our examination. Call or visit us today to ensure your pet has a healthy and happy life.

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