Pet Toxin Control

Dogs and cats are curious by nature. Because of this, the potential for your pet to come into contact with pet toxins is unfortunately a scenario to keep in mind so that you are able to provide your pet with proper care, if necessary. If your pet requires poison control services, and you live in the Laguna Niguel area, call South Coast Veterinary Hospital to alert our staff that emergency services are necessary. Here are the steps to take if you believe your pet needs poison control help.


Save the Item and Packaging

If your pet eats something poisonous, you need to know what type of help to provide to your pet. If the toxic substance is nearby, collect it and place it in a bag or container so that you can show it to our veterinarian upon your arrival. If there is packaging involved, this needs to be acquired as well. This is extremely important so that our vet knows exactly what chemicals are involved in the toxic situation. This aids in determining what type of treatment to provide, such as encouraging your pet to vomit or the administration of an IV.

Contact Our Vet Immediately

When a toxin is involved, a call needs to be made to our facility immediately so our staff is aware of the problem. This gives them time to prepare for your arrival. When you call us, be sure to let us know what type of poison you believe your pet was in contact with. This helps us to prepare the proper treatment. We will be ready for your arrival and will bring your pet into our facility immediately for an evaluation.

Protect Your Pet from Toxins

It is important to take steps to try to keep your dog or cat away from pet toxins altogether. Be aware of what types of plants are considered poisonous so that you can keep them out of your home. Store chemical agents in areas where you can lock them up or place them on higher shelves where your pet is unable to access them. Be knowledgeable in the signs of poisoning, such as disorientation, lethargy, frothing at the mouth, or dizziness, so you can get your pet to a veterinarian right away for treatment.

If you believe your dog or cat came into contact with a toxic substance, and you live in or around Laguna Niguel, contact South Coast Veterinary Hospital to inform our veterinary staff so that we can prepare poison control tactics immediately. Call our veterinarian today at (949) 783-9584 if you have questions about pet poison and treatment.

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