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Grieving the loss of a pet can be one of the most challenging experiences in life. It is important to be aware that people will respond to the stress of this loss in a variety of different ways. In recognition of that, we have compiled a variety of pet loss support materials to aid you and your family in the healing process.

If you experience the loss of a pet, grief and sorrow are natural and expected responses. Some people believe that while the loss of a pet might be painful, they may tell you it's “unhealthy” or an “overreaction” to be grief-stricken over an animal, especially if the feelings are prolonged. However, the loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a relative or friend.

Everyone should view the loss of a pet as a serious matter. Don't be afraid to seek pet loss support, help, or advice. Ask your veterinarian or our staff about how to cope with your loss – you can call us at our office (949) 249-7777 , or send us an email.

Grief Counseling and Aftercare Services

For additional guidance, we strongly recommend you contact Dr. Kathleen Ayl, a certified Grief Recovery Specialist who has dedicated her practice to pet loss support. Dr. Ayl offers phone consultations to owners who feel they are not receiving the support they deserve from friends and family. Dr. Ayl holds her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Certified Veterinary Support and Pet Loss Recovery Specialist. Contact Dr. Ayl directly at (818) 458-8102 or visit

In addition to pet loss support, another important aspect of the grieving process for many owners is the desire to honor and preserve memories of their animal companions. The Circle of Life Crematorium in Hemet, CA has several aftercare programs, including individual cremation and scattering ashes at sea. For more information on their affordable services, please contact Circle of Life Pet Crematorium at (800) 791-0906 or visit their website at

To speak with a member of the SCVH team about additional pet loss support, please call us at our office (949) 249-7777 .

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