Pet Wellness Exam

Pet care requires a lot of work on the part of us humans. Without proper care, your pet may suffer from poor health, leading to poor quality of life and perhaps even serious health problems. Fortunately, with a bit of effort, you can help ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy, and generally happy life. Regular pet wellness exams and vet care with a veterinarian can go a long way towards ensuring healthy pets. Schedule a pet wellness exam with a vet on our veterinary team at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA.


What Veterinarians Look for During Pet Wellness Exams

Many folks keep an eye on their pets and often they can catch when something is wrong. That said, even attentive pet owners may miss something important. A veterinarian offers both an outside eye and a lot of knowledge and can check your pet over for problems as well as provide vet care.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is true for both human and animal health. If problems are caught early, they can often be mitigated. For example, your pet might suffer from a skin condition or may be experiencing diet problems. A diet or lifestyle change now could prevent serious issues later on.

A vet can closely check your pet’s weight and other important vital stats. Your veterinarian will also look over your pet's eyes, ears, and teeth. If there are any issues, say ear infections or possible dental issues, your vet can work with you to address the problem.

A pet wellness exam also offers you a chance to ask your veterinarian questions. When it comes to pet health, vets are the experts. That said, pet owners spend more time with their pets, typically, than a veterinarian can. If you observed anything or believe there might be an issue with your pet’s health, it’s wise to ask questions.

Types of Conditions You and Your Vet Should Watch Out For

It may be smart to talk with a veterinarian about the appropriate diet and exercise needs of your pet, including cats and dogs. Needs can vary a lot from species to species, breed to breed, and animal to animal. You may be tempted to overfeed your pet, but obesity can cause a lot of issues both now and in the future.

Our veterinarian can help you identify risk factors. For example, the cleaners you’re using to clean the floors or wash dishes might be causing a reaction with your cat, dog, or other pet. Also, if your animal is wary of strangers and other animals, it may hint at anxiety and socialization issues.

Each pet may face unique challenges. And there are no one-size-fits all solutions for every problem. A pet wellness exam allows our veterinarian to take a close look at your pet and its health and to provide vet care specific to your companion's needs.

Get Vet Care from Our Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Set up a pet exam with our veterinarian South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel, CA, to help ensure good health with vet care. Call us at (949) 249-7777 .

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