Pet Wellness Exam

Annual Pet Wellness Exams with a Veterinarian in Laguna Niguel

With shorter lifespans, pets age at a more rapid pace.  For this reason, annual pet exams are extremely important for keeping pet healthy.  Many health problems are discovered during wellness exams.  The sooner problems can be addressed, the better for the pet.  In some cases, wellness exams may be recommended at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel every six months, especially for senior pets or those with health conditions.  


What happens during a pet wellness exam?

During a pet wellness exam, our veterinarian will perform a thorough examination of all body systems.  We will check your pet's weight, look in the eyes and ears, examine the coat, skin, and joints.  Our veterinarian will listen to heart and lungs and also look in your pet's mouth.  Dental care is very important to overall health and preventative vet care involves examining the teeth and gums. 

Our staff will also ask you questions about the pet's behavior and lifestyle, compare data from the last visit, and give you the opportunity to ask questions.  If any concerns are found, the veterinarian may recommend further tests such as blood, fecal or urine tests, thyroid screening, a tear test, or x-rays.  After the results come back from these tests, our veterinarian will discuss treatment options, or any changes needed in your pet's diet or lifestyle.

What common conditions are discovered during a pet wellness exam?

A variety of common conditions are found during a pet wellness exam.  Early detection is helpful in all of these conditions, which include:

  • flea, tick, or tapeworm infestations
  • heart murmurs
  • dry eye
  • dental disease
  • weight problems
  • cataracts
  • painful joints
  • ear or skin infections
  • skin tumors

How can I prepare for a vet care appointment for a wellness exam?

In some cases, our veterinarian may ask that your pet goes without food for 10-12 hours before the exam.  If this is a problem for your pet, be sure to let our staff know.  This simply allows your pet to be ready for any needed blood work, x-rays, or sedation.  We may also ask you to bring in a fresh fecal sample for testing and any previous health records if you used to see a different veterinarian.  Also, make a list of any questions that you may have for our staff.

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Give us a call at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel to schedule your next pet wellness exam.  Preventative care is very important for maintaining a high quality of life for your pet. 

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