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Walk-ins are welcome!

VACCINE CLINIC on Tuesdays & Saturdays All Day!

We are happy to offer a vaccine clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays all day once you have established a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Gill at least once

The vaccine clinic is offered for healthy pets! If you have a health concern about your pet, please make a doctor's consultation before having any vaccines administered. We strongly recommend a bi-annual examination by a licensed veterinarian, for which we charge $59

Please have your pet's vaccine history in hand at your appointment to speed things up! Also, bring a stool sample at least the size of a thumb nail. The fresher the better and ideally no older than 24 hours expelled! We can attempt to collect a sample from your pet when you arrive if preferred. We will send this sample out to a laboratory that will check for parasites that are contagious to you as well as other pets. Results are back within 24 hours. 

All of our vaccines for dogs and cats are between $19 and $25. The prices do not change on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The vaccine clinics are for existing clients to quickly update shots. If you are new to us, you may come any day of the week for an examination/consultation prior to the vaccines being administered. 

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