Pet Dental Care

Dr. Gill and our team at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel provide an array of veterinary services. One of these crucial services is pet dental care. It is common to overlook your cat or dog's oral health, but it is imperative as part of your pet’s overall wellness.


Signs of Dental Problems in Pets

Just like humans, pets can benefit from routine checkups on their teeth and gums. All dogs and cats should get checked at least annually by a veterinarian. If your pet is showing any of the following symptoms, it may have a dental issue:

  • chronic bad breath
  • chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • discoloration of the teeth
  • excessive chewing or drooling
  • loss of appetite
  • pawing at the mouth

Preventing Dental Issues

A dental exam from a veterinarian starts with your pet's first visit to our animal hospital. We carefully examine your pet's mouth to look for signs of harmful bacteria or infections. If left untreated, your pet may develop periodontal disease, which is a painful condition that can make the gums bleed and affect the bones that hold teeth in place. Furthermore, there can be additional complications when bacteria gets into the bloodstream, which can affect major organs like the heart and liver.

Your pet will receive a dental cleaning which is performed with general anesthesia. Getting teeth cleaned can be a source of stress for any pet, which is why anesthesia is used. It also allows our vet to complete a more thorough cleaning and examination. An ultrasonic scaler removes plaque and tartar, especially underneath the gum line where infections are most likely. If further dental care is needed such as an extraction, abscesses, or the removal of tumors, rest assured your pet will get the best care possible.

Help with Oral Health at Home

Our veterinarian will demonstrate how to brush your pet's teeth at home. We can also discuss a proper diet and chew toys you can use to minimize plaque buildup. However, annual visits with a veterinarian are always recommended since we can professionally clean your pet's teeth and get a better result than you can at home.

Get Quality Pet Dental Care in Laguna Niguel, CA

Dental care is not only about the teeth and gums since it affects your pet's overall health and well-being. If you live in the Laguna Niguel area, and it has been a while since your furry friend’s last checkup, contact Dr. Gill at South Coast Veterinary Hospital to schedule a comprehensive examination. Don’t wait for a small dental issue to becomes something worse. Call our team today at (949) 249-7777 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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