Pet Dental Care

Why Pet Owners Should Not Delay Their Pets’ Dental Care

At South Coast Veterinary Hospital, we are proud of the well-rounded services that we provide to all of our patients. One of the most valuable services that we offer to our furry patients is dental care. Whether it is cat dental care or dog dental care, we want everyone in the Laguna Niguel area to know why it is vital to the health of a pet.


Why is Pet Dental Care So Important?

We cannot stress enough about the importance of cat dental and dog dental care. Here are a few reasons why you should schedule a teeth cleaning for your animal.


The crux of pet dental care has to do with prevention. Often, the approach people take to healthcare is to wait for something to go wrong before fixing it. This way of thinking can lead to dangerous side effects and complications. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We take this to heart.


Many of the infections that pets develop start in the mouth. The mouth often acts as a gateway through which bacteria and viruses can enter. Therefore, it is critical to prevent these infections from taking root. We help by making sure the mouths of our pet patients are kept clean. 

Tooth loss

Tartar buildup can damage the support structures of a pet’s tooth, which can lead to a tooth loosening and falling out. Pet dental care is the only way of keeping the structures healthy and having the teeth in place.

Of course, pet dental care is also great for making sure that pets have good breath. At South Coast Veterinary Hospital, we prioritize the dental needs of all of our furry patients.

Protect Your Pet’s Teeth with Good Oral Hygiene

Every pet owner needs to make sure that their pets’ healthcare is well taken care of to prevent problems in the future. Dental care has a tremendous impact on the overall health and wellness of a pet. If you would like to learn more about pet dental care and how it can improve its health or to schedule an appointment, then call our veterinary team today at 949-249-7777. At South Coast Veterinary Hospital, we are here to serve the pets of the Laguna Niguel area and nearby regions. 

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