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Dental Care

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Bad breath is just the beginning. Dental disease is associated with more serious medical issues like heart disease and kidney failure. The bad news: A lot of pets have dental disease. The good news: It's totally preventable, treatable, and even reversible.

South Coast Vet Offers Best-In-Class Dental Care

Providing dental cleaning and oral infection treatment now can prevent serious and costly medical problems in the future. The CDC reported that dental hygiene is directly associated with longevity. Your pet will be on a course of oral antibiotic and oral antibacterial rinse for smooth healing.  So South Coast Veterinary Hospital insists on providing best-in-class dental care across our entire network of hospitals. Here's how: 

We invest in the most up-to-date dentistry equipment including all digital dental x-ray system, Piezo Ultrasonic dental cleaning & Scaler Cavitron.

We employ strict treatment protocols: Pre-anesthetic blood testing (complete blood count, internal organ screens, electrolytes), Safe general anesthesia using either Isoflurane (general inhalation anesthesia) or Sevoflurane (safer human inhalation anesthesia drug), pre-dental antibiotic injection, ultrasonic scale, deep pocket flush, polishing, possible tooth extraction, and doxygel (gum antibiotic treatment in the gum pocket) treatment. We also closely monitor vital signs of the patients while they are under general anesthesia and while they are recovering from the general anesthesia including blood pressure check, oxygen concentration in the blood, core body temperature, respiratory rate, ECG/EKG, EtCo2 (the level of carbon dioxide released at the end of expiration) and others. 

Any patients who had extractions will go home with oral pain medication. We will call you as soon as they recover from the anesthesia. **One year in dogs and cats is equivalent to 6-8 human years. Dogs and cats need to have more frequent dental care than us. Poor oral hygiene or teeth that need to be extracted in dogs and cats may significantly shorten their life span.

Please call (949) 249-7777 to schedule FREE Dental Consultation at South Coast Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Niguel.


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